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ProSender's Templates

ProSender's professional design team is constantly creating beautiful new web form templates.

Email Marketing Template 1

Serrated 10/24/2015

Web Form Template
Email Marketing Template 2

Minimal 9/23/2015

Web Form Template
Email Marketing Template 3

Music Notes 8/07/2015

Web Form Template

ProSender users saying:

"The only autoresponder I use and recommend to my clients."
"I have been an ProSender customer for over five years and it's the only autoresponder I use and recommend to my clients. Their system is easy to set up, powerful enough to manage my large opt-in lists, and mail sent through them has the highest delivery rate of any competitor we have tested. Follow-up is the key to long term revenue, and we earn over $250,000 a year resoliciting prospects who request information from our network of Web sites. Without ProSender, we'd lose a LOT of money!"

­ Jonathan Mizel
"I've tried others, but ProSender is by far the best..."
No doubt about it, the Gold is in your (ProSender) List. ProSender's autoresponder service has been the most valuable tool in my arsenal since 1998. I've tried out other autoresponder services, but ProSender is by far the best in terms of its ease of use and cost effectiveness. Also, on the rare occasions I've required assistance, I've received the speediest, most helpful and courteous customer service.

Thanks guys, I appreciate all that you do.
Keep up the great work! Customer-for-life!
­ Rosalind Gardner, Author
"incredible email delivery rates that no other service can provide"
ProSender works for me as "my little salesman," consistently and accurately following up with my leads and prospects. I cannot tell you enough how much I know autoresponders work, as I get calls weekly from people saying, "Hey Jeff, I have been getting your emails for a few weeks, and I am ready to make a purchase!" Using ProSender's great tools, opt-in forms, and getting incredible email delivery rates that no other service can provide, I can honestly say your system has generated me over $49,967 worth of income, that I would have WORKED HARD to generate myself with phone calls and personal emails, typed by hand. My little "salesman" is a trooper, it never gets tired, sick, hungry, or breaks, and I am grateful for technology that makes it easier to work less and make more money.
­ Jeff Mills, Goldmills Marketing, LLC
"I would probably pay twice what you are offering..."
"If I tried to do what ProSender does I would take at least an hour a day, probably closer to 2. But, nothing would be instant. It would have to wait until I had time or was logged in to reply with the first message. Then the other 6 messages would have to be sent once a day. I guess I would set up an address book for each day. It would get messy, become increasingly time consuming, and after a while I would probably pay twice what you are offering to do it for me (or just give it up.)"

­ Kevin Wilke, VisionPro Newsletter Editor